The ACTS Prayer: A Simple Tool for Powerful Family Devotions

The ACTS prayer is a format of praying used in the Praise Factory curriculum. ACTS is an acronym standing for four key elements of prayer: "Adoration", "Confession", "Thanksgiving" and "Supplication."

The ACTS prayer helps the children think about who God is; their need to confess their sins to God; remembering to thank God for His many gifts; and to ask for God's help and provision for themselves and others.

In Big Questions and Answers for little people (preschool curriculum), they are first introduced to this format, then in The Praise Factory (elementary school curriculum) the teachers lead the children in coming up with their own, based on the story and the Big Idea they are learning.

At home, families can use the ACTS Prayer as part of their family devotions to help the children understand and apply what they are hearing. After reading and talking about the passage of Scripture you read, ask the children what is something they can Adore God for, what is something they can confess from the passage, what is something they can thank God for; and what is something they can ask God for themselves and others. Close by praying about the things you came up with.

The great thing about tying the ACTS prayer to your Scripture reading is that is helps you to recognize and prayer for many different things than you usually think of. It is an opportunity to appreciate God and what He has done for us, as He has revealed in His Word; and, it helps us to pray biblically for ourselves and others in ways that we might not usually think to pray about.