Praise Factory





The Praise Factory is a six year, multi-age children’s systematic theology curriculum for elementary school children. It is comprised of 104 key biblical truths -- called "Big Ideas"-- divided into 16 units, common to a systematic theology. These biblical truths expand the children’s understanding of the same 12 big questions and answers used in the two preschool curriculums and add four additional big questions and answers. Within each 3-week Big Idea, there is an Old Testament, New Testament and Church History/Missions story presented. Each week’s curriculum includes 8 different activities to reinforce the Big Idea concept and story.


Scope and Sequence

Unit One: The God Who Reveals Himself

Big Question #1: How Can I Know What God Is Like?
He Shows Me What He's Like!

1. God Made Our Hearts to Know & Love Him

2. God's Creation Tells Us About Him

3. God Spoke to His People Long Ago through Prophets

4. God Speaks through His Word, the Bible

5. God Reveals Himself Most Completely through His Son, Jesus

Unit Two: God's Wonderful Word, the Bible

Big Question #2: What's So Special about the Bible?
It Alone is God's Word!

6. God Inspired Many People to Write Down His Word Perfectly

7. God's Word Tells God's Way and Plans for His People, Past, Present and Future

8. God Uses His Word to Save His People

9. God Uses His Word to Change His People

Unit Three: The Good News of God

Big Question #3: What's the Gospel?
It's Salvation through Faith in Jesus!

10. God Is the Good Creator and King of the World

11. All Have Rejected God and Deserve His Eternal Punishment

12. God Sent Jesus to Bear the Punishment for Sin

13. God Saves Those Who Repent and Trust in Jesus

Unit Four: The LORD Is an Awesome God

Big Question #4: Can Anybody Tell Me What the LORD Is Like?

He's Not Like Anyone Else!

14. The LORD is a Glorious Spirit

15. The LORD is the Only True God

16. The LORD is Everywhere, All the Time

17. The LORD Knows Everything There Is to Know

18. The LORD is One God, Yet Three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

19. The LORD is Holy

20. The LORD is Omnipotent

21. The LORD is Faithful

22. The LORD's Names Tell Us About Him

Unit Five: God, the Good Creator

Big Question #5: Can You Tell Me What God Made?
God Made All Things Good!

23. God Created All Things Good in the Beginning

24. God Created People Good in the Beginning

25. God Created the World to Praise and Glorify Him

26. God's Plans For His Creation Are Good and Unfailing

Unit Six: God, the Just and Merciful

Big Question #6: How Did Bad Things Come to God's Good World?
Bad Things Came through Sin!

27. Angels and People Rebelled against God in the Beginning

28. God Treated the First Sinners with Justice and Mercy

29. All People Are Born Sinful, All People Need God's Mercy

Unit Seven: The Law-Giving God

Big Question #7: What Are God's Laws Like?
God's Laws Are Perfect!

30. God's Laws Are Written in the Bible

31. God Created Us As Perfect Law Keepers, But We Are All Lawbreakers

32. God Gave Us His Laws to Convict Us of Our Sin that We Might Be Saved

33. Jesus Kept God's Law Perfectly So By His Grace He Could Save His People

34. The Heart of God's Law is Love

Unit Eight: The God Who Loves

Big Question #8: What Is God's Love for His People Like?
More than They Could Ever Deserve!

35. God Blesses All People with Many Good Gifts

36. God Loved His People Before They Loved Him

37. God Showed the Depths of His Love by Giving His Own, Beloved Son to Save His People

38. God Loves His People by Caring for Their Needs

39. God Uses Everything in His People's Lives for Their Good and His Glory

40. God Will Never Stop Loving His People

Unit Nine: Jesus Christ: Immanuel, God with Us

Big Question #9: What Did Jesus Come to Do?
Jesus Came to Bring Us to God!

41. Jesus, the Servant King

42. Jesus, the Obedient Son

43. Jesus, the Amazing Teacher

44. Jesus, the Ruler of All Creation

45. Jesus, the Lord over Life and Death

46. Jesus, the Forgiver of Sins

47. Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God

48. Jesus, the Glory of God

49. Jesus, the Ransom for Sinners

50. Jesus, the Conqueror of Death

51. Jesus, the Firstborn of the Resurrection

52. Jesus, the Reigning Son in Heaven

Unit Ten: The Holy Spirit: The Indwelling God

Big Question #10: What Does the Holy Spirit Do Inside God's People?
He Changes Their Heart!

53. The Holy Spirit Lives in His People

54. The Holy Spirit Gives His People Courage

55. The Holy Spirit Gives His People Wisdom

56. The Holy Spirit Builds God's Church

Unit Eleven: The God Who Saves

Big Question #11: How Can We Be Saved?
It Is God's Free Gift!

57. God Saves Sinners Who Confess Their Sins

58. Jesus Is the Only Way to Be Saved

59. We Must Trust Jesus as Our Own Savior

60. The Holy Spirit Changes Our Hearts so We Can Be Saved

Unit Twelve: God's People Live for Him

Big Question #12: How Should God's People Live Each Day?
They Should Live Like Jesus!

61. God's People Grow to Be More Like Jesus

62. God's People Love Him with All Their Being

63. God's People Love Others

64. God's People Trust Him

65. God's People Are Good Stewards of His Gifts

66. God's People Obey Him

67. God's People Work for Him

68. God's People Read His Word

69. God's People Think about Him

70. God's People Say "No" to Temptation

71. God's People Tell Others about Him

72. God's People Suffer According to His Plan

73. God's People Know Heaven Is Their Home

74. God's People Delight in His Glory

Unit Thirteen: The Sustaining God

Big Question #13: Why Do God's People Keep Believing in Him?
Because God Sustains Them!

75. God Alone Sustains His People

76. The Father Promises to Help His People

77. Jesus Gives His People Grace for Life and Godliness

78. The Holy Spirit Works in His People

79. The Word of God Feeds God's People

80. God Sustains His People through Their Comfort and Prayers for Each Others

Unit Fourteen: The God Who Delights in Our Prayers

Big Question #14: Does God Want Us to Pray?
Every Night and Day!

81. God Delights in Our Adoration of Him

82. God Delights in Our Humble Confession of Sin

83. God Delights in Our Thanksgiving to Him

84. God Delights in Our Supplications to Him

85. God Always Answers Prayers

86. Jesus Is Why God Answers His People's Prayers

Unit Fifteen: God's People Gather Together

Big Question #15: Why Do God's People Go to Church?
To Worship God and Love One Another!

87. God's People Gather for a Special Weekly Worship Day

88. God's People Gather to Hear God's Word

89. God's People Gather to Pray

90. God's People Gather to Give

91. God's People Gather for Fellowship

92. God's People Invite Others to Gather with Them

93. God's People Proclaim Their New Life in Christ through Baptism

94. God's People Celebrate Christ's Redeeming Sacrifice for Them

95. God's People Love Each Other with a Covenant Love

96. God's People Are Led by Godly Leaders

97. God's People Are Called the Body of Christ

Unit Sixteen: Jesus, the Returning King

Big Question #16: What Will Happen When Jesus Comes Back?
God Will Make Everything New!

98. King Jesus Will Return to End the World

99. King Jesus Will Return When God's Work on Earth is Done

100. When King Jesus Returns, God's People Will Be Made Like Him

101. King Jesus Will Return to Bring the Wicked to Just and Final Punishment

102. King Jesus Will Return to Judge God's People, Too

103 King Jesus Will Be United with His Bride, God's People, Forever

104. King Jesus Will Reign Forever