Teach, take and Tell

How Teach, Take & Tell is Structured

Surrounded by a big world, two and three year olds are constantly discovering new things, yet they delight when they have a chance to master something to use and share with others. They thrive upon repetition and structure, loving to hear and do the same things over and over again. This is how they process new ideas and skills and become confident in them. Teach, Take and Tell allows both for discovery of new ideas and skills through the variety of reinforcement activities, as well as provides repetition and opportunity for mastery by using the same circle time activities each week of a unit; and, by providing materials for the parent and child to use at home.

TEACH: The Teach, Take & Tell  Book

The Teach, Take & Tell Books are the foundation for teaching this currciulum. They are (almost) all-in-one resources, which contain the key concepts, Bible stories, Bible verses, action rhymes, songs and all activities (except the crafts, flannelgraph pictures and audio music files) for all twelve truths. These books (and the other resources) are available for free download online, for families, churches, schools and others, for non-commercial use. (That means please feel free to download and copy it to your hearts’ content, but do not sell this curriculum.) You can choose to download them as separate units or all twelve in two volumes (volume 1: units 1-6; volume 2: units 7-12). You also can purchase the two volumes as spiral- bound books through the Praise Factory Outlet Store. Links to even more resources (such as crafts, flannelgraph pictures, music downloads and training videos) are included for each unit and are found on the website (www.praisefactory.org) so that you can supplement the books with any of these other available resources.

TEACH: Format Free

For some churches and most families, you don’t want or need to use a format with the resources. You want the stories and the resources, but you want to use them your own way. The Teach, Take & Tell Books work great for people like you. The resources for each Teach, Take & Tell unit are arranged so you can simply flip through the pages in order with a class or your child. Teaching cues are included on many pages to help you link the concepts.

TEACH: with a Lesson Plan

Many churches (and schools) are looking for a lesson plan that guides teachers through the curriculum. They want the structure and continuity that a regular lesson format provides. To this end, there are not one, but two types of lesson plans available with the Teach, Take & Tell curriculum.

Lesson plans for each of the twelve truths are also included in the Teach, Take & Tell Books. They are found at the end of the resources for each Big Question. These lesson plans extend each of the twelve truths into twelve, month-long units (actually 5 weeks per unit is available). They help the teacher reinforce the same truth, Bible verse and Bible story for each of the sessions through a variety of  activities. This structure allows the teacher the opportunity to stay on the same concept with five weeks of fresh activities, giving enough time for the children to actually master the concept. Yet it also provides the teacher flexibility to move on to the next concept sooner, if the children are ready for a new concept. This approach to teaching young children is rarely seen on the curriculum market, yet it  fits with the way children this age learn and seems to result in longer and better retention.

TEACH: to Fit Your Teaching Time with Regular and Extended Session Lesson Plans

The two lesson plans included for each truth, are structured for the two most common teaching situations: a typical, Regular Session (1-1.5 hours), such as just Sunday School or Church Hour; and a longer, Extended Session of 2-3 hours, such as Sunday School AND Church Hour, or in school or day-care setting.

Both lesson plans provide five sessions’ worth of activities on each unit--one unit per month. Why five sessions instead of four? Because some months have five Sundays in them. This allows you to always have enough curriculum for every month. In months where there are only four Sundays, then you simply omit one set of activities.

Each session is structured around Circle Times and Play Times. Circle Times are used to introduce, the concept, Bible verse, Bible story, and unit prayer through songs, an action rhyme and flannelgraph. Play times can be spent in free play or by inviting the children to join you in songs, games and crafts that further reinforce the concepts being learned.

Find out more about Regular and Extended Session Formats