Praise Factory


The Praise Factory is a six year, multi-age children’s systematic theology curriculum for elementary school children. It is comprised of 104 key biblical truths -- called "Big Ideas"-- divided into 16 units, common to a systematic theology. These biblical truths expand the children’s understanding of the same 12 big questions and answers used in the two preschool curriculums and add four additional big questions and answers. Within each 3-week Big Idea, there is an Old Testament, New Testament and Church History/Missions story presented. Each week’s curriculum includes 8 different activities to reinforce the Big Idea concept and story.


Unit 6: God, the Just and Merciful

Big Question #6: How Did Bad Things Come to God's Good World?
Answer: Bad Things Came through Sin!

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Big Idea 27 pdf Angels and People Rebelled against God in the Beginning

Big Idea 28 pdf God Treated the First Sinners with Justice and Mercy

Big Idea 29 pdf All People Are Born Sinful, All People Need God's Mercy