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Big Questions & Answers for little people is a three year children’s systematic theology for three to pre-kindergartener five-year-olds. It presents 52 key biblical truths that expand the children’s understanding of the same12 Big Questions and Answers used in Teach, Take and Tell. There are 3 weeks of curriculum for each of the 52 biblical truths. A Bible story, reflective of the truth is presented along with the concept each of three weeks. This allows the children to master the concept and the story. Actions rhymes, songs, games and crafts reinforce and add variety to this basic core lesson.

The Classroom Song

Transitions between activities are often difficult in most class settings, particularly preschoolers. The Classroom Song is a simple song with four verses used at transition times in each session to make transitions easy and fun.

Verse 1, The Gathering Verse, invites the children to gather together to worship God.

Verse 2, The Parting Verse, dismisses the children to play time.

Verse 3, Time to Go & Tell Verse, transitions the children into the Go & Tell Craft and to remember that they are in class not just to learn but to Go & Tell others what they've learned.

Verse 4, What's Our Good News? Verse, asks the children to think about what they will go and tell others as they are dismissed.

The lyrics and music to the Classroom Song is included in the curriculum resources for each unit. An audio version of each verse is included on the unit music CDs.

Click below for samples of The Classroom Song Resources

Classroom Song, verses 1-4, words and music pdf

Listen to The Classroom Song, verse 1 mp3

Listen to The Classroom Song, verse 2 mp3

Listen to The Classroom Song, verse 3 mp3

Listen to The Classroom Song, verse 4 mp3