Find answers here to the most frequently asked questions about The Praise Factory family of curriculum.

Curriculum Pros and Cons

What are some pros and cons of the Praise Factory curriculum?


· The spiral of truth allows your children to be introduced, then have reinforced and then expand upon a broad spectrum of biblical truth.

· The many activities keeps the materials engaging.

· The cost is only what it costs you to print out and prepare your materials.

· It is scripted so that volunteers can teach developmentally appropriately.

· There are resources for parents to use with their children at home.

· The children learn biblical truths as well as many Christians from church history and missions.

· Flexible lessons that can be taught in just one week or over multiple weeks.

· Flexible activities can adapted for many different settings.

· Every lesson plan follows the same paradigm. Once your teachers learn it, you’re set!

· Can be used for patchy/variable attendance situations because each lesson stands alone.

· It is available online so any teacher can access the materials, even if they forget their binder!

· Difficult theological concepts are well-worded to fit young minds.

· Not just questions, but also answers to the questions are provided for every activity.

· Many stories are included that are not discussed in other curriculums available.


· While the curriculums are easy to teach once you get to know them, they can be overwhelming at first glance! You must take time to read through the introductions and a lesson plan of each curriculum to understand them.

· It is often critical that you have one person or a couple of people learn how the curriculums work, choose which materials you want to use, then teach others how to use them.

· There is a lot, a lot of material!  You will probably need to choose which activities you want to use and which ones you don’t want to…especially with Praise Factory (K-5th grade) curriculum.

· With the Praise Factory (K-5th grade) curriculum, you will find some of the stories long. The stories were written like this on purpose to provide fresh insights into the stories for the children.  But, it means that often you may have to adapt the story’s length to fit your particular group of children. While an outline of the story script is always included with the story for this very purpose, this process still takes time.

· None of the curriculums are available for order, only download. You will have to take time to prepare the materials yourself.

· Not a lot of customer service.  I’m focusing on writing for the time being.

· Only available in the NIV at present.

· Does not provide a chronological overview of the Old Testament or New Testament, but instead uses stories from different parts of the Bible that reflect the biblical truth presented. A chronological overview is important for the children to get, especially as they reach 2nd grade and up! The less taught the children, the more important this chronological teaching at church becomes. Here at CHBC, we are able to give them both, with our chronological overviews taught (to our elementary aged kids) during Sunday School and then biblical theology being taught during the sermon portion of the church hour.  Together it makes a great partnership!