Find answers here to the most frequently asked questions about The Praise Factory family of curriculum.

Implementing the Curriculums in Your Church


1. How do I get started with a particular curriculum?

After familiarizing yourself with the curriculum, look at the Getting Started documents for each curriculum.

TTT Getting started

BQA Getting started

PF Getting started

2. What’s the best way to decide what to use for my church?

The best way to decide what to use is to first think about:

  • What your children are learning now?
  • What does your pastor/elders/deacons want your children to learn?
  • What is working in your present program and what is not?
  • Do you want to simply enrich your current programs or want to make significant changes and start something completely new?

If you want to simply enrich your current programs, then you will probably want to examine the activities used in each curriculum and see if any of them wound make good supplements to what you are doing already. The Bible story review games and the Scripture verse games in all three curriculums, for example, can be used with any story or Scripture.

If, on the other hand, you want to make major changes, then you probably are thinking about switching curriculums entirely. In this case, you will want to one or two teachers who are willing to really learn whichever of the curriculums you are interested in and be willing to do the start up work needed. This will include reading the Teacher’s Binder materials and looking carefully through a lesson plan and resources. It will mean gathering together the resources needed for whichever activities you intend to use. And, it will mean, pioneering the curriculum with your children, making adjustments and then mentoring other teachers in the curriculum, as needed.

3. What kind of printer/copier do you recommend to print out the curriculum?

If you can get your hands on a duplex printer or copier, it will make your life a lot easier! This is because all of the curriculum is formatted for double-sided printing. If you have one that can print in color as well as black and white you are really set!  One of my favorite, large-production printers with duplex capacity is the Brother HL-4070CDW.

4. Do I have to print out everything in color?

No!!!!!   Though all of the curriculum is produced in color, usually just the craft and flannelgraph really need color. Save your church a ton of money and print in black and white, except where absolutely necessary.

5. Do you have any resources that I can use to enrich our current programs without changing to The Praise Factory?

The songs and the games are the two easiest to take and use. All three curriculums suggest story review and Bible memory games that can be used with any story/Bible verse. The songs are found in the Music Download section of each curriculum. The games can be found in the article called: Using Praise Factory Resources in Other Curriculums.

Go to Using Praise Factory Resources in Other Curriculums

Go to Teach, Take & Tell Music Downloads

Go to Big Questions & Answers for little people Music Downloads

Go to The Praise Factory Music Downloads

6. How do you prepare the materials at CHBC?

We prepare the curriculum in monthly binders of the lesson plan and resources that they will need.

7. How do you train your teachers to teach each curriculum?

We provide a once a year training session as well as encourage interested new volunteers to observe and then be mentored by a teacher who is already teaching the curriculum. We also assign one teacher to be the team “coach,” who helps new teachers prepare and become comfortable with the curriculum and with the children.

8. What are ways people are using these curriculums?

Sunday School, Children’s Church, AWANA substitute, after school Bible Clubs, VBS, Bible memory programs, family devotions and Christian school Bible curriculum and homeschooling.