Big Questions and Answers

Big Questions & Answers for little people is a three year children’s systematic theology for three to pre-kindergartener five-year-olds. It presents 52 key biblical truths that expand the children’s understanding of the same12 Big Questions and Answers used in Teach, Take and Tell. There are 3 weeks of curriculum for each of the 52 biblical truths. A Bible story, reflective of the truth is presented along with the concept each of three weeks. This allows the children to master the concept and the story. Actions rhymes, songs, games and crafts reinforce and add variety to this basic core lesson.

Optional Large-Format Resources

A Special Resource: E-Z Read Cue Cards

The E-Z Read Cue Cards format includes all the same information as in the Lesson Plan, but every key point comes on a colorful, easy-to-read large format sign, in order of usage. Transitions are written at the top/bottom of each sign. You will notice that the signs are numbered in order of use, with Intake Activities and each Circle time having its own sequence starting over at 1. The numbers are located at the top right of each sign in a colored box. There is a different color for Intake Activities and each Circle Time. Simply print out the signs (double-sided format)) put them in order in sheet protectors or straight into a 3-ring binder and you are ready to go. The advantage to using the signs version is that it is so easy to use you could hand it to someone and they could teach the unit. The disadvantage is that it required more paper to print out. This format is best for those who teach sporadically, are new to the curriculum, and who are sticking fairly close to either the Regular or Extended Session Version of the curriculum.

Most people do not need this resource! We have included it, for that special group of people who do fit this situation.

see E Z Read Cue Cards for Big Question 1, Concept 1 pdf