Big Questions and Answers




Big Questions & Answers for little people is a three year children’s systematic theology for three to pre-kindergartener five-year-olds. It presents 52 key biblical truths that expand the children’s understanding of the same12 Big Questions and Answers used in Teach, Take and Tell. There are 3 weeks of curriculum for each of the 52 biblical truths. A Bible story, reflective of the truth is presented along with the concept each of three weeks. This allows the children to master the concept and the story. Actions rhymes, songs, games and crafts reinforce and add variety to this basic core lesson.

Music, Movement and Memory

The Music, Movement and Memory activities use simple homemade (or store bought) musical instruments or has the children do certain movements as they sing songs or way the Bible verse. In addition to the Big Question Song and the Key Concept Bible Song, three unit songs are suggested: a hymn, praise song, and the Big Question Unit Bible Verse Song (in a basic and more melodic deluxe version). A short blurb describing how each song ties in with the unit is given. The lyrics and music to these songs of this song are included in the unit resources. The audio versions to both versions are found on the Unit Music CD, with corresponding tracks listed in the curriculum.

See Music, Movement and Memory resources for Big Question #1, Concept 1, Week 1 pdf

Listen to Unit 1 Big Question Song mp3 

Listen to Big Question #1, Key Concept #1 Bible Song mp3

Listen to Big Question #1 Hymn mp3

Listen to Big Question #1 Praise Song mp3

Listen to Big Question #1 Unit Bible Song, Basic Version mp3

Listen to Big Question #1 Unit Bible Song, Deluxe Version mp3