Big Questions and Answers




Big Questions & Answers for little people is a three year children’s systematic theology for three to pre-kindergartener five-year-olds. It presents 52 key biblical truths that expand the children’s understanding of the same12 Big Questions and Answers used in Teach, Take and Tell. There are 3 weeks of curriculum for each of the 52 biblical truths. A Bible story, reflective of the truth is presented along with the concept each of three weeks. This allows the children to master the concept and the story. Actions rhymes, songs, games and crafts reinforce and add variety to this basic core lesson.

Intake Activities

Week 1: Mystery Concept Picture Coloring Sheet

This is a picture form the key concept they will be learning over the next three weeks. As the children color the picture, read and talk about the question written on the sheet. Tell the children that this mystery picture is a clue to what they will be learning in class today. Work together to help them get the answer.

For example, in Big Question 1, Concept 1, the question on the sheet is: "How Can I Know What God Is Like? He Shows Me What He's Like by the __________ He Gave Me to Know and Love Him." The hint is: "What do we love with?" You would help the children come up with "heart" as the answer.

sample of the Mystery Concept Picture Coloring Sheet for Big Question #1, Concept 1 pdf 

Weeks 2 and 3: Concept Review Games

On both of these weeks, a simple game is suggested for reviewing the story and key concept. The game makes use of the Bible story figures included in the curriculum for use in telling the story and for making the Big Bible Storyboard (Week 1 Go & Tell Craft).

See Resources for Weeks 2 and 3, Big Question #1, Concept 1: Bible Story, Busy Hands Discussion Sheet, Bible Story Pictures, and Concept Review Games pdf