Praise Factory



The Praise Factory is a six year, multi-age children’s systematic theology curriculum for elementary school children. It is comprised of 104 key biblical truths -- called "Big Ideas"-- divided into 16 units, common to a systematic theology. These biblical truths expand the children’s understanding of the same 12 big questions and answers used in the two preschool curriculums and add four additional big questions and answers. Within each 3-week Big Idea, there is an Old Testament, New Testament and Church History/Missions story presented. Each week’s curriculum includes 8 different activities to reinforce the Big Idea concept and story.

Getting Started

1. Read through the introduction and Big Idea 1 curriculum to get a grasp of the curriculum. You may want to read through parts of the  appendices, too.

2. Think through these questions:

    a. How much time do you have with your children in your teaching session?

    b. What order do you do your present class activities in? How could you use the Praise Factory resources to fit that order; or, do you want to change the order in which you do activities?

    c. Given your particular group of children and what they are used to doing already in their class, which elements of the curriculum would be best to begin with? (Usually these are the Big Idea, Scripture Verse, the story and some of the activities)   

    d. Which ones would you like to add as the children become familiar with the first elements?

    e. Are there some elements which you will not use in class which you might suggest for parents to do at home?

3. Decide which format you want to use: Large group/Small group format, as written. Or, combined class format.

4. Decide how many activities you want to use/need to use.

5. Print out the introduction and as much of the appendices as you will use  in your particular groups choices. Decide which activities you want to use and print those out from Big Idea #1 (or whatever Big Idea you are using). 

NOTE: Remember that these are formatted for double-sided printing! If you are only using single sided printing, you will either need to reinsert the pages to print on the back side; or, you will need to delete the white “spacer” pages in the  original pdf. If you don’t do this, you will have lots of blank white sheets in your copies.

6. Put the curriculum in a three-ringed binder.

7. Download and burn the Music CDs.

8. Print out the Music CD inserts and cut down to size.