Sing and Say Along the Way


Sing & Say along the Way

A Companion Resource to All Three Praise Factory Curriculums

“Sing and Say along the Way” is a companion resources to use alongside all the three Praise Factory curriculums: Teach, Take & Tell (for 2’s and 3’s), Big Questions and Answers for little people (for 3’s, 4’s and 5’s), and The Praise Factory (for K-5th graders). The resources included are basically a compilation of portions of the take home sheets used in the three curriculums.

A Great Summary of All the Biblical Truths Taught in the Curriculums

Sing and Say along the Way is the only resource that summarizes all of the key concepts taught in all three curriculums. This makes is a great way for churches interested in the Praise Factory to quickly read through the truths taught.

Sing & Say along the Way Downloads

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Sing & Say along the Way: Complete version

Sing & Say along the Way: Just Teach, Take & Tell portion

Sing & Say along the Way: Just Big Questions & Answers for little people portion

Sing & Say along the Way: Just Praise Factory portion