Tour Stop: More In-Depth Teach, Take & Tell Tour

The videos and links below will give you even more information about how to teach the Teach, Take & Tell curriculum if you decide to follow the Regular or Extended Session lesson plans.

However, even those who plan to "do their own thing" and structure their lesson time differently may pick up great ideas from these videos and links.


learn more with this link.... How Teach, Take & Tell Is Structured

learn more with this link... Activity descriptions and samples

learn more with this video:

Video: TTT Activities

Handouts to go with the video:

Teach, Take & Tell Activity Descriptions pdf

learn more with this link...Teaching using the Regular or Extended Session Formats

learn more with these videos and handouts...

Video 1 A Snapshot of a TTT Regular Session Format (1 - 1.5 hours--such as just Sunday School OR Church Hour)

Teach, Take & Tell Regular Session Lesson Plan Sample pdf

Teach, Take & Tell Curriculum Formats pdf

An In-depth Look at a TTT Regular Format Session (Videos 2-7)

Video 2 Introduction

Video 3 Greet, Settle & Intake Activities

Handout to go with video: Intake Activities for TTT, Unit 1 pdf

Video 4 Opening Circle Time

Handouts to go with video:

Classroom Song, verse 1 pdf

Classroom Rules pdf

Preparing to Pray pdf

Opening Prayer pdf

Big Question Chant pdf

Big Question sign pdf

Big Question & Answer sign pdf

Big Question 1 Song pdf

Big Question 1 Action Rhyme pdf

Bible Chant pdf

Bible Verse for Big Question 1

BIble Verse and Song (Big Question 1) pdf

Large Print Story for Big Question 1 pdf

Small Print Story for Big Question 1 pdf

Pictures for Big Question 1 Story pdf

Big Question 1 Prayer pdf

Big Question #1 Hymn and Praise Song pdf

Classroom Song, verse 2 pdf

Video 5 Play Time and Reinforcement Activities

Handouts to go with this video:

Story and Bible Verse Review Games (same as Intake Activities) pdf

Music, Movement & Memory Activities and Songs for Big Question 1 pdf

Take & Tell Crafts for Big Question 1:

  1. Week 1: Big Question Craft, Action Rhyme Craft
  2. Week 2: BIble Verse Craft
  3. Week 3: Prayer Craft
  4. Week 4: BIble Story Craft
  5. Week 5: Song Book Craft

Related Bible Stories for Big Question 1 pdf

Video 6 Closing Circle Time & Dismissal

handouts to go with this video:

Classroom Song, verses 3, 4 pdf

Closing Prayer pdf

Big Question 1 Take Home Sheet pdf

Video 7 How Much Do I Do?

Video 8 TTT Extended Session Format (2-3 hours--such as Sunday School AND Church Hour)

handout to go with this video: Teach, Take & Tell Extended Session Lesson Plan from Unit 1 pdf

More about the resources available

video 11: Teach, Take & Tell Resources

shaping the curriculum

Video 10 Shaping the Curriculum

getting started

Video 11 Getting Started

Teach, Take & Tell Getting Started pdf


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